Global Ports Terminals handles first fully loaded train between Asia and Europe

Global Ports Terminals (Global Ports) has said two of its terminals have served the first train fully loaded with cargo from Japan as part of the new AE19 intermodal transit service for the delivery of containers from Asia to Europe via Russia.

The terminal operator said the train travelled between the First Container Terminal (FCT) and the Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company (VSC).

Loaded with 40 FEU of sportswear and equipment, the train departed from VSC (located in the deep-water port of Vostochny) on 6 February 2021, and 11 days later, on 16 February 2021, arrived at FCT (in the Big Port of St. Petersburg).

Cargoes were first delivered by sea from the Japanese port of Yokohama to VSC, wh ere they were loaded on a train and dispatched to St. Petersburg. The containers will be loaded on Maersk vessel at FCT to be delivered to the UK port of Felixstowe, England.

The total transit time from Japan to the UK is expected to be 40-45 days. Transportation via the Russian Railways network is organised by Maersk in partnership with the transportation and forwarding company Modul.

The АЕ19 service was first launched by Maersk in August 2019 in partnership with Global Ports and Modul to deliver cargo with minimum transit times from Asia to Europe via the ports of Vostochny and Saint Petersburg.

Transit containers are now shipped from VSC to FCT three times a week. The service also operates in the opposite direction for the delivery of cargo from Europe to Asia.