Pitfalls of digitalisation in shipping and freight

Digitisation, Digitalisation, Digital Transformation are some buzz words that have recently taken the shipping and freight industry by storm..

Let’s take a quick look at what these terms mean and what it is all about..

Digitization may be defined as the transition from an analog format to a digital format..
Digitalisation is the use of digitization and digital technologies like Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and Automation to convert your business to a digital business..
Digital Transformation is a strategic transformation of the business

processes and models to leverage the opportunities created by the digital technologies which can result in improved customer service and value additions to the business..
Digitization and digitalization are about technology whereas digital transformation is about the customer.. So,

we digitize information;
digitalise processes and roles required for the operation of a business; and we eventually
digitally transform the business and its strategy
The decade that passed, saw the rise of several hundred startups in the shipping and freight industry heralding the arrival of the Digital Freight Forwarder and Digital Alliances by shipping lines designed to offer customers digital freight solutions..